Mostly MN Music with Anna Graves

For many reasons, today felt like a bonus day and the bonus got better with an in-studio chat and performance with Anna Graves. Anna has signed with a major label and is working on her debut album. Her music is thoughtful and born from authentic discovery. She somehow creates a nihilism that is freeing and optimistic – a message that says life goes on and death will come but you are free to choose to enjoy yourself on the ride. Her voice is gorgeous and I can’t wait for the album to come out.

Sadly, I still can’t record the show as it turns out the station shuts down when you try to archive. But you can check out the aspirational playlist on Spotify (big thanks to everyone for recommendations!) and check the list of songs actually played below. (I didn’t get to as many as I had hoped because Anna was an awesome last minute addition.)

Artist Song Release
XIII Arrows The Long Goodbye The Long Goodbye – Single
Dan Wilson Free Life Free Life
Harp and Finial Minnesota Earthquakes Are Easy
Sarah Morris Light Merry, Little, Light – EP
Ted Hajnasiewicz Cut-Out Bin To Each In Their Time – EP
Coyote Mountain You Have My Word Hope In a Hopeless Time
Collapsing Stars Chapter Chapter
High on Stress Relax Hold Me In
Eddie Cochran Somethin’ Else Alle 40 Goed
Charlie Parr Blues for Whitefish Lake 1975
It Is Rain In My Face. Magnetic Thinking Blue/Green – EP
The Jayhawks Blue Tomorrow the Green Grass
The Litter Mindbreaker $100 Fine
The Calico Wall I’m a Living Sickness Pebbles: Lost Gems of the 60s, Vol. 1 (Edited)
Mountain Singers Winter Comes Earlier Every Year There Is Only Winter
Low Landslide Ones and Sixes
Judy Garland Over the Rainbow The Wizard of Oz (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Muskellunge Happy In a Mess, In a State, And a Second Too Late


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