Jeremy Messersmith Supper Party at the Wolf House

Great music up close and personal, funky décor, Minnesota summer potluck (hot dish replaced by pasta salad) – what’s not to like? All of our senses were wowed seeing Jeremy Messersmith at the Wolf House for a supper show.

The deal is you buy a ticket and bring a dish to share. (And drinks if you want them.) Then you cozy up to 25-30 people, share a dinner, enjoy a great show. Intermingled with the music, Jeremy answers questions “inappropriate” questions from the audience – written questions, because well we are Minnesotans. We don’t want to say anything inappropriate.

I went with a friend and my 12 year old, who is over the moon for Jeremy Messersmith. He played a song she requested and I think that may be the highlight of the year. Seeing the audience react to his music in an intimate setting is perhaps the best thing about the show. A woman near us cried! OK cards on the table I’ve teared up singing Heart Murmurs on road trips – but in public? That is touching!

There was another young girl (new teen?) who sang along with every song – old and new. If it had been recorded, she knew it. Each song made at least one person perk up, look at a friend or smile. Lots of people are over the moon for Jeremy. And he sounds as good alone with a guitar as he does with a full orchestra.

He played a mix of songs about medical conditions, new songs, and requests – so long as it wasn’t a cover. And a super bonus was a few new songs – including some bouncy tunes with wonderfully ironic messages.

And to give a special nod to the location – the Wolf House in NE Minneapolis, home to Bella Luna, is stunning. It’s a stone house in the woods in the city. There’s a woodsy mural throughout the house and stone, mirror and other collages throughout. So many windows and a secret door from the garden to the kitchen. My 12 year old wants to buy it in 20 years!

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