Jake Jones CD release at the Turf Club: Contemporary County

jake jonesThe Turf Club looked different on Saturday night. It was a very different crowd; pretty young, pretty suburban, more State Fair Leinie Lodge than Turf Club regulars and they were all there to cheer on Jake Jones on the release of his sophomore CD, from Time to Time.

The music has a contemporary county feel. The show was sponsored by BOB Country; the music is mainstream and popular as opposed to alt country, Americana or Blue Grass that does make it onto the stage of the Turf Club pretty often. The CD was made in Minneapolis and clearly he has built up a following. His voice is easy to listen to with a range that fits his musical storytelling. He has two male backup singers (don’t see that every day!) to that add layers to the vocals as opposed to harmony.

He had a few country ballads – the Cowboy Song, Mexico and Mary. They are swaying songs that I’m sure will find some outdoor festival play. It is perfect for beer drinking, kick assing fun. Then there was a touch of Rockabilly with From Time to Time ,which I liked. Funny but it had the slightest flavor of Courtney Barnett – maybe in the chalk and cheese vs whiskey and water comparisons.

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