Annie Fitzgerald – You, Me and the Sun release at the Hook and Ladder

From the stage, Annie Fitzgerald described her album in one word – summer. It is light but deep, easy but complex. The music, the melody is generally upbeat cheerful but the stories she tells are life lessons, such as Oh Caroline about her grandmother. One sweet story was the connection between the song and a story she read to her son called The Invisible String.

Fitzgerald has a lovely Irish sounding voice with the just this side of comfortable, almost falsetto high tones in a song like Be Like a Tree. Then she turns around with the raspy aspirations of the Rest of Me.

The songs have a pop sound but within that she touches on different genres. Goodbye Now is a slower song with a bluesier feel. Maybe deeper blues played live than on the album but with an imploring twang either way. It’s a nice balance to the refreshing breeziness of the rest of the album.

It was fun to see fellow musicians Sarah Morris, Matthew French and Jen Bluhm share the stage with her – bother in supporting bands but also singing her songs with her on stage. I love when  Twin Cities musicians share the love!

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