Little bit country, little bit rock ‘n roll – Margot EP release at the Icehouse

I went to see Margot at the Icehouse on Thursday because on the recording I thought the lead singer (Hunter Baugh) sounded like Eddie Vedder. Live he doesn’t sound as much like him, but that’s not a bad thing at all. His voice is as compelling. The band maintains a festival level passion and enthusiasm throughout the show. It’s a really enjoyable combination.

The band is folksy – kind of rocking and kind of country. Baugh noted their “terrible transitions” but if you like rock and country, they’re kind of awesome. They started strong with a very folksy build up with strong, exciting drums, like storm about to hit. The violin lends an almost Irish sound, although that may speak as much about my misspent youth at Irish Fairs than anything else. (Sixteen, off the latest album, is a good example of the musical Celtic brogue.)

There were three vocalists on stage Thursday night, which I think help sustain the high energy. There’s an imploring energy in the songs. Baugh announced that Margot will be releasing a new, acoustic EP on July 8. We got a sneak preview of some of those songs too. They are, as you might expect, leaning more country than rock but a nice balance.

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