Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – Numbers and we prerecorded the show

I love doing the radio show. I have been able to meet new people and this week I learned to do something new – we prerecorded the show because I am actually in Winnipeg. For the interested minority, I used Audacity and I just needed to toggle between MIME (when speaking) and Windows WASAPI (when playing music from Spotify) to get it to work.

I prefer to do the show in the studio, it’s just more fun than my dining room table but it’s always awesome to learn something new!

(You can also find the playlist for the show on Spotify.) Or see the playlist spelled out:

Artist Song
Brute Heart Charmed One
Molly Maher & Her Disbelievers 3200 Mile
Low $20
The Federales 400 Miles Away
Collapsing Stars 2012
Peter Wolf Crier Demo 01
Gear Daddies one voice
Andre cymone 1969
Lizzo 1 Deep
Hastings 3000 One person nation
The Goondas Raunchy 216
John Mark Nelson May 29th, 2017
The Hold Steady Star 18
The Last Revel two lives
The 4Onthefloor 1922 Blues
Atmosphere My Lady Got Two Men
Tina and the B-Sides Million Miles Away
Honey dogs Donna’s 7
Mason Jennings Two Dollar Man
Zoo Animal Dollar Signs
Cloud Cult 1X1x1
Golden Smog 5-22-02
Nooky Jones After One
Sleep Study 23
Dosh Number 41
Guante One of These Mornings
Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles 36th
Jeremy Messersmith 7:02
Caroline Smith Half about being a woman
Bruise Violet I Cried for 45 minutes of passive aggressive Guinea pig
Babes in Toyland 22
Andrews Sisters Three O’Clock in the Morning

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