Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – Color Show & Guest star JOUR – Oct 13, 2018

Heather and I had out first guest and in-studio performance on Saturday. We were delighted to welcome JOUR. (I had just attended and reviewed her CD release on Thursday.) JOUR was great. She played two songs, we interviewed her and we played out with a song (Black Hole) from her latest CD.

For some reason I just knew that JOUR (formerly known as Jourdan Meyers) would be a great first guest. She is very kind and thoughtful. And I mean as in she thinks about things, she studies things, she’s purposeful and that came through in the interview.

Our other big hurdle – we were the only ones in the studio for a while. We didn’t break anything! And actually it was nice to take a breath and study everything a bit with no one watching. Like the first time you drive alone after getting your license.

Here’s the playlist on Spotify.  And our playlist (below). I think we had time to p lay everything but we maybe didn’t stick to the order. Thanks to the people we know and the one we don’t who put out such awesome Minnesota Music

Gear Daddies Color of Her Eyes
Jonny Lang Red Light
Prince Little Red Corvette
Soul Asylum Black gold
Hope Country Lost & Blue
The Jayhawks Red’s Song
The Bad Man Black and White Tv
Farewell Milwaukee Your Eyes Are So Green
Chastity Brown Banjo Blues
Charlie Parr Over the Red Cedar
Golden Smog Red Headed Stepchild
The Last Revel Screaming Blues
Al Church Turquoise Sun
Paul Westerberg Black Eyed Susan
The Pines Lonesome Tremolo Blues
Solid Gold Neon Rose
J.S. Ondara Revolution Blues
Koo Koo Kanga Roo Awesome Rainbows
Mikkel Beckman & Mike Munson Blackbird
POLIÇA baby blue
Gospel Machine Them Young Girl Blues
Katy vernon Lily 14 crayon colors
The Cactus Blossoms Powder Blue
Greycoats John Glenn Blues
Erik Koskinen Red Dress Girl
Judy Garland over the rainbow
Hüsker Dü green eyes
Davina and The Vagabonds Red shoes
Red Daughters Black Ice
JOUR Black Hole

And including one of our PSAs – because it’s important! –

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