Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – the Elections

We had a special guest on the show today – Aine! She gave a review of the new Queen movie. Our theme for the day was the election. And we interspersed our regular playlist with videos I worked on with Women’s March Minnesota of local musicians talking about why they vote.

You can download the playlist from Spotify or check out our notes below. The playlist and notes may not align perfectly with what actually happened. 

Artist Song
The Replacements Election day
Mason Jennings United States Global Empire
The Pines Rise Up and Be Lonely
Soul Asylum Stand Up and Be Strong
Brother Ali Letter to My Countrymen (feat. Dr. Cornel West)
Dead Man Winter Red Wing Blue Wing
Night Moves Country Queen
Frankie Lee American Dreamer
Paul Westerberg Right to Arm Bears
Trip Shakespeare Washington Bridge
Aby Wolf Permission
Molly Maher Free to go
Jonny Lang A Quitter Never Wins
Husker Du New Day Rising
The Miami Dolphins Kill them and take their money
Lake Street Dive Shame, Shame, Shame
Steve Kaul Shorty George
Hippo Campus Opportunistic
Dessa Congratulations (Hamilton)
Mother Banjo Rise Up, Sinner
JOUR Revolution
Maria Isa Street Politics
Vicky Emerson White House on the Hill
Suburbs Love is the Law
Grant Hart Awake, arise
Curtiss A Land of the Free
Greycoats The Decider
Jeremy Messersmith We all do better when we all do better
Har Mar Superstar The Honorable Har Mar Superstar
Kari Arnett This American Life
The Roe Family Singers This land is your land
Rank Strangers The Voice of Amerika
Motion City Soundtrack The Future Freaks me out
Heiruspecs State of the Union
The Castaways One More Fool
Peter Himmelman Afraid to Lose
Mary MacGregor Torn Between Two Lovers
The4onthefloor On Tuesdays

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