Women’s March MN: Playlist interview with Jenna Enemy of The Von Tramps

We are working with Women’s March Minnesota to create a playlist and podcast for the March on January 19. You can check out the growing playlist any time. In the next two weeks, we’ll be interviewing musicians for a podcast that we will compile and will play on WMCN once Macalester College is back in session. In the meantime we’re going to post interviews as we can starting with (drumroll please)…

Jenna Enemy of The Von Tramps

We saw The Von Tramps at Mortimer’s. I was wowed. The band is co-ed but decidedly led on stage by Jenna. It’s a ska punk band, which is right up my alley. I have to admit though it was the Dolly Pardon themed songs that really drew me in. There’s a feminist version of Jolene. Who doesn’t love the music of Jolene and who has been angered by the singer groveling to Jolene not to take my man? The Von Tramps turn that around. They also do I Will Always Love You. That Jenna girl can sing. That’s all I’m saying. Which takes us to our Women’s March pick from the Von Tramps – Bitch from their album The Future is Female. Hear a bit about it and Jenna’s take on post-March music industry below.

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