Women’s March MN: Playlist interviews with Black Widows and She Rock She Rock

We are working with Women’s March Minnesota to create a playlist and podcast for the March on January 19. You can check out the growing playlist any time. In the next two weeks, we’ll be interviewing musicians for a podcast that we will compile and will play on WMCN once Macalester College is back in session.

Corine Caouette, Pamela Laizure and Kim Mancini of the Black Widows

Last night we had the distinct honor of talking with Corine Caouette, Pamela Laizure and Kim Mancini of the Black Widows. They play awesome old school garage surf music. It’s retro girl band at it’s best with heightened feminist themes in the lyrics. We discussed a few of their songs specifically  – Mummy Mama Boogie, about an ancient age when women were silenced for speaking their mind. The song has specific historical references – and we’re hoping that everyday we’re getting farther and farther away from the theme.

One comment that struck me was the increasing focus on women working together in the music industry – despite differences. I think to move forward we need to continue to get better at that and that the Women’s March is the time and place to renew that pledge.

Sam Stahlman from She Rock, She Rock

The Black Widows were playing a benefit for She Rock, She Rock so we got an opportunity to speak with Sam Stahlman, Co-Director of the organization. She Rock is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls, women, trans and nonbinary folks through the art of music. They have music lessons and camps for all ages and have for 13 years. Sam was involved in the first year as a student. Anyone I have ever talked to about She Rock has loved it. Almost makes me wish I were musical. (But I think I’ll stick to dance!)

Also joining the show and shown below are the Bloodies, who are rooted in resistance and Getting By, who list smashing the patriarchy as an interest.

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