Tina Schlieske brings politics back to punk and redefines the all ages show for women!

I had a great conversation today with Tina Schlieske (of Tina and the B Sides & Genital Panic). I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve always enjoyed her music but she became a hero to me last year with Genital Panic, her all female punk band that focuses on a politics and social commentary. I grew up listening to Tina and by that I mean, we’re the same age and she was living the life I wish I lived. That was never truer than it is right now – although I’m pretty happy with the life I live too.

Tina started Genital Panic in reaction to Trump and so much that he stands for but she also started it in her late 40s as a reaction to realizing that while the music industry might find a woman invisible, it’s a good time for women to speak up for themselves. It was a perfect storm. In producing and performing songs, such as Pussygrabber and Lick My Impeachment, Tina found she wasn’t alone. She has heard from many how the music speaks to and for them – both women and men appreciate her art.

I will be listening to Tina and Genital Panic on the soundtrack for Women’s March on Saturday – with any luck I’ll bump into her too.

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