Mostly MN Music Radio Hour with Lacey Guck and Loki’s Folly

It was a busy day on the show – but fun. First we had Lacey Guck on the show. She is an amazing pianist. She brought in her keyboard and played for us – but we couldn’t hear the keyboard in the studio. You can see from the video below. We could only hear her sing – just like hearing only one track from a song. It felt really special and as I told her, it was an opportunity to focus on how really beautiful her voice is with no beautiful piano getting in the way. It was also interesting to hear her story from playing venues multiple times a week in Moorehead to getting an album funded on kickstarter – an album that will be released April 13 at the Aster Café.

Next we had Loki’s Folly play in the studio. They are two sisters; Annie (age 18) and Nissa (age 13). They play punk. Fast and loud. The came with an entourage of parents and an 8 year old brother – and likely a future band member. Delightful to talk  to them about how they got started and what they are looking forward to doing in the future. They explained that their mom taught them how to yell and that has led to their power on stage. They do have amazingly strong voices. Also – they gave us t-shirts. How awesome is that? They are working with Flowers production and I think we can look forward to them releasing music this fall.

Otherwise our theme for 6 degrees of Haley Bonar. We started with Haley and each following song had to have a connection to the previous. I think we ended with 4onthFloor. Due to a computer mishap, I’ve lost the written playlist – but you can always listen to it on Spotify. Next week’s theme is shop or store for Record Store Day!

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