Lacey Guck releases Over Again at the Aster

It was a sold out show Saturday night at the Aster for Lacey Guck’s debut CD release of Over Again. Lacey has a beautiful and strong voice and is a classically trained pianist. I had the unusual opportunity to hear her singing acapella last week when she was on the Mostly MN Music radio show. She played live in the studio. The radio audience could hear the keyboard and her voice but in studio, we could only hear her singing. Hearing her voice in isolation gave me an appreciation of how strong it is.

It was even more fun to hear the whole package at the Aster last night. She played with a full band. But her voice and keyboard took center-stage. The cheerfulness of Cinderella set the tone for my night. You can hear Lacey’s church choir roots in the keyboard. It’s buoyant and kind of sassy in a take-control-of-yourself-girl kind of way. There is something empowering in her voice and her presence that even with a full band and even with (maybe because) of the appreciation she shows the band – Lacey is in control.

She has a aspirated voice with an slight undercurrent of falsetto within a staccato phrasing. You can hear it in Trying or Not. But then on a song like Over Again, the voice is sultry and strong. It’s a great blend.

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