Mostly MN Music with Warren Thomas Fenzi and Porch Knights

After a wild weekend of Midwest Music Fest and May Day, I’m a little slow getting Saturday’s show online – but I’m excited to finally get a free minute.

We were glad to have Warren Thomas Fenzi stop by to tell us about his upcoming single release (May 10 at Seventh Street Entry) of Live Outside. It’s a thoughtful song about how we communication or miscommunication or even get a little abusive online. It should be required listening for many! Plus it’s enjoyable. A funny example of serious lyrics, playful tune.

We were also excited to have the Porch Knights play in the studio. If you live in the Macalester College zip code, you may have heard them. They are punk – loud, fast drums, both members (Max and Ryan) sing and do awesome versions of traditional songs (like Johnny Cash) and plenty original music. It was fun to talk to them about the difference between live music and studio recording. I look forward to their new album coming out in the next few months. ANd to see who they choose to play the release with them!

You can listen to the aspirational playlist on Spotify – as usual, we didn’t get through all of the songs we wanted to do. The theme this week was family bands – bands with siblings, husband-wife, parent kids, cousins, whatever.  I am especially proud of our parent-kid combos with Bunny Clogs and Guitar Party both featuring younger kids. (And I’ve seen both bands play!)

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