Mostly MN Music with Charlie Parr and Savannah Smith

It was a bittersweet last show of the semester but we had some awesome guests.

We interviewed Charlie Parr earlier in the week. We talked about his pre-music work with people experiencing homelessness, his artistry with dinosaurs and airplanes and the music of Minneapolis – now and back in the 80s. Funny to think of the shows we must have both attended. And he played a new songs for us. Charlie is playing at First Avenue on Saturday (May 18) with Phil Cook. And he’s playing with Paul Metzger soon – I don’t have details but I will find them.

Then we had Savannah Smith in the studio. We saw her play the night before at the Turf Club; she played a song on mental health in honor of May. SO we made that the theme of the day. Savannah is a compassionate person who spoke frankly about her personal experience with anxiety and issues with friends. One thing she said really struck me – you can’t love someone who doesn’t love themselves. Savannah is playing  at the Aster Café on June 1 and with Turn Turn Turn on May 18.

Then we played songs from artists who will be playing Art-a-Whirl next weekend.

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