Review: The Perry Project second CD release last weekend at the Bryan Lake Bowl

The Perry Project is the brainchild of Tracy Perry Jr. The Project’s first CD was a solo project. The latest project includes four more collaborators and the CD (Regardless of Everything, Are You Okay?) was released at the Bryant Lake Bowl last weekend.

Individually, the members seem to have some deep veins of distinct musical genres.  There were some serious guitar riffs going on in songs like Can’t Steal This Soul (actually off the first album), the pounding drums on Lift You Up are reminiscent of Low and the keyboard has a new wave appeal. It’s like a stew of many spices that are perfectly blended. You get a burst of tastes but  overall impact is more nuanced and turns into something different. In this case a more alternative rock with some driving undertones.

Perry’s voice has a fragility, not a weakness, almost like Roger Daltrey that makes a song endearing. It makes the songs seem even more personal.

Off the latest CD, That’s What Scares You seems to represent that perfect meld of flavors.

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