Mostly MN Music with Ruby Blu and Guest Host Jim Grassman

Today was the last show of the summer. I have two big thank yous! First thank you to Jim Grassman, my friend and amazing music expert. He came up with the entire playlist of Minnesota Music through the ages from Buddy Holly to Communist Daughter. He introduced me to one awesome new-to-me band called The Litter and we reminisced about bands we saw in the 1980s and beyond.

Also thank you to Ruby Blu, of Red Eye Ruby, who is the queen of spontaneity. She put her hands up to be on the show this morning. Wow – what a great attitude. It was great to have her on the show. She played a few songs and we learn about recent band changes and their first Saturday of the month residency at Palmer’s. I’ll definitely be putting that on my shortlist. Jim compared Ruby to Victoria Williams – both have an intriguing voice.

Thanks to everyone for their help! With any luck Heather and I will be back next semester – we’ll let you know what day and time.

Listen to the show playlist.

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