Mostly MN Music with Erik Koskinen and Al Church – and threes

Big, big thanks to Erik Koskinen and Al Church for being the perfect guests on a busy day. Heather and I started the day doing a triathlon (500 yds swim, 16 mile bike, 3 miles run). It ended at 11:30. Show started at 12:30. It’s 4:00 and I’m now in an airport waiting for my flight to Ireland (with kids).

We started with something pretty arty with Al. He improved a soundtrack to Fantastic Planet. I am a huge fan of experimental, arty and improv. I loved it. (It may work ever better in the video below than on audio only.) Then we had Erik Koskinen, with Al on guitar. Erik is a long term favorite of mine. It was fun to catch up and hear how things are going for him and learn about the guest star in his video Big Plane.

You can download the playlist of recorded music – we didn’t get through a lot of it.

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