Mostly MN Music with Dan Israel & Adam Levy

We started the new semester out strong with Adam Levy and Dan Israel as special guests. We spoke to Adam about all of his current musical pursuits between his solo work, Turn, Turn, Turn and the Honeydogs. It was fun to hear about his new work teaching songwriting in a prison. What a gift to give the incarcerated folks! And he spoke about mental health and his son’s death. So generous to share his story to help others and remove the stigma of mental health. He is playing the Be Alive event on Sunday Sep 29 for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and to benefit Still Kicking.

Then we spoke with Dan Israel who is getting ready for his CD release on Oct 4 at the Hook and Ladder Mission Room. Fun to talk about the process of making an album from writing the songs to production. Dan has a slew of stellar collaborators on the album. The show should be fantastic. We also talked a lot about the pressure of social media anxiety disorder. The Double-edge of technology of society, our kids and the music industry. We even managed a quick review of The Great Gatsby.

So it was a fun day. It was really nice to be back. I’m so excited for a semester of Minnesota music and new guests!

Our theme was climate and nature – as always our playlist is more aspirational than our allotted time but you can find it on Spotifty. The theme next week is bikes in honor of our radio neighbors – Blast Beasts n’ Bikes.

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