Mostly MN Music with Kara Laudon and Jason Chaffee

We learned something interesting today – one of the mics was broken. So some of the conversation got a little muddled – but luckily I was left muddled, not Kara or Jason.

We were delighted to have two guests today. We started with Kara Laudon. I was lucky enough to go to her album releases last night. (And will write that up soon.) It was great to meet her. This is her second album. She released the last one in 2015, recorded this one two years ago and put it on hold while she played keyboard for Dessa on tour. It’s worth waiting for and it was fun to talk to her about the process and her art.

Next we hosted Jason Chaffee. So much fun to have him play a few songs! And to hear about his upcoming show (Sunday night) at the Aster. He’s going to be playing some folkwave – with a combination of strings and electronica. Such a compelling pairing. I can’t wait to hear it.

We also played songs about bikes and biking. And we gave a nod to Ed Ackerson, musician, producer and sound engineer extraordinaire. He passed away after what I believe was a brief battle with cancer. Very sad.

(Download Spotify playlist – which as always is more aspirational that actual.)

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