Mostly MN Music – with Sigcell and Brianna Kocka

A studio full of amazing guests this week. We started with three of the members from Sigcell: Peter Wannemacher, Andrew Munsch and Ben Stein. They just released their second EP, after a 14 year hiatus. I love their post-post-punk brand of Americana. They talk about how well they play together as a unit and that comes through in the latest album. It feels like listening to one singular voice, it’s clean and patient. A light in a dark room. SO fun to meet them.

Then we had Brianna Kocka. We were thankful to get her on a busy weekend, although it feels like all of her weekends are busy. She plays tonight with Jack Klatt for his CD release. Her voice is so strong is was a delight to have her play for us. And I was honored to have her play a new song with the term beautiful failure. I just can’t get over how evocative that phrase is to me. Brianna is a delight I think because she can look at hard times as beautiful failures – opportunities to learn and get better.

The theme was home. You can hear the playlist on Spotify – as always more aspirational than actual. Or you can hear the live show, interviews and all, on Soundcloud below.

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