Dan Israel CD release: Social Media Anxiety Disorder

Dan Israel released his 15th album, Social Media Anxiety Disorder, at the Hook and Ladder on Friday night. It was a star-studded celebration! A sign both of Dan’s talent and likability.

Musically the new album has something for everyone – a little pop, some Americana, plenty of rock, a little Tom Petty and a few 80s guitar hair band riffs. The lyrics show the life of experience and a man at a crossroads who has chosen to move forward with music. And not just forward but forward like jumping into the deep end. In the last year Dan quit his day job to focus on his music. That excitement and anxiety permeate the album – like a social media anxiety disorder.

Dan started the show and the album with the powerfully poppy – Be My Girl and a full stage of musicians. That got folks up and moving. It’s catchy and fun.

One of my favorite songs is 125, which Dan sang with Janey Winterbauer. It’s a little 1980-something, with a more current ethos and a cameo from rocking guitars riffs. It would be perfect on a soundtrack of a teen movie – either back in the day or today. It would play as the main character either ponders the important decision at hand or after making the decision he or she moves forward to change.

There are themes of winning and losing and choosing, especially in Tired. There’s a hint Bob Dylan in the song and it’s a great showcase for Dan’s low voice.

It’s a strong album and it feels like 15 is the charm.

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