Mostly MN Music with Holly Hansen (Zoo Animal) & Hans Schumacher (American Pleasure Dome)

A lot of good talk and tremendous music today on the radio show. First Holly Hansen from Zoo Animal joined us. I love the band. I can remember seeing them at different music in the park events with my once mini-me daughter Aine. (She now 4 inches taller than me.) It’s some of the work Holly is doing off the stage that really impresses me now. For three years she has been hosting a weekly show at 331 Club, Tuesday Early Evening (tee)  from 7-9pm. Sometimes it’s music and sometimes conversation. In October she hosted an amazing conversation on gender and music. Finally, she is teaching a class on audio fundamentals. She’s a community builder!

Next we had Hans Schumacher from American Pleasure Dome. I am looking forward to see them on Thursday for their CD release at the Aster. Hans is super interesting. It was fun to hear about his travels and the great variety of musical influences. He started playing piano when he was five. And somehow branched into classical Indian flute and bagpipes and everything in between. Then he played two songs acoustically followed by the recorded track with full band. So interesting to hear what changes and what remains the same.

We had a special guest joining us – our friend in music Debbie. I hope she had a good time. It was fun to feel comfortable enough to have a guest. And the theme of the day was daylight saving time change. You can download our aspirational playlist. And check out the archive or videos of live performances below.

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