Mostly MN Music with Jillian Rae and Static Panic

It seems silly to say it but Saturday is my favorite day and consistently the reason is the radio show. Today we had two lovely conversations with Jillian Rae and bassist/husband Eric Martin and then with Ro and Eli from Static Panic.

If was fun to talk to Jillian, multi-instrumentalist. She started playing violin at age six, which is awesome but even more awesome to hear about picking up other instruments (guitar and keyboard) and playing them professionally. A prodigy is part nature, part nurture – someone who steps out to do something new is brave. And someone who can do it that well makes me happy. You can catch Jillian next Friday (Nov 29) at The Replacements tribute show at the Turf Club.

Next up Ro and Eli from the Static Panic. I feel like I’ve been watching them grow on stage and the metamorphous has been amazing. It was fun to hear about their production expertise and how they are using that to go back to songs recorded more than an album ago to breathe to life into them especially for live performances to keep it fresh in deference to the audience. You can catch Static Panic tonight (Nov 23) at the Varsity for GRRRL Scout party.

You can download our proposed playlist from Spotify (as always, more ambitious than actual) or check out the show below.

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