Mostly MN Music with Ben Noble and Gambler’s Daughter

Mostly MN Music is back on the air. SO nice to be in the studio after a 6-week hiatus. Most of the tricks came back to us – a few didn’t but we faked it. Our theme was love and other feelings but we had nothing but love for our guests.

First we had Ben Noble for his second appearance. He has a new album coming out March 6 with a pre-show party on February 21 at The Parkway. Ben is a scholar of music. He is not afraid of risk and will push himself to learn new things; be that how to play piano or create videos for each song to show at the show on Friday. It’s fun to talk to someone so serious about his craft.

Second we had Jess Roquet aka the Gambler’s Daughter . She celebrated her album release last weekend and the album is now available. So interesting to talk to her about an album created over seven years. I love her unique take on rebirth through the idea of serotinous skin – like a pine cone in a forest fire that survives to spread seeds and sprout new trees. Jessa is playing at Mortimer’s on February 27.

Join us next week – the these is law, legislation and rules. Please send us any requests.


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