Mostly MN Music with Gowns and Courtney Yasmineh

We’re on the way to the Big Turn music festival in Red Wing Minnesota on the tails of a super fun show. We had most of the men from Gowns down to talk. They are gearing up for a big week with the Mill City Rock off tomorrow night and the CD release next weekend (Feb 28 at the Skyway.) It was great to hear John’s story behind their song Lighthouse. Wow! Very observant of society today through the lens of insular communities in West Virginia.

Then we had Courtney Yasmineh, who herself has a fascinating story that she relays in music and a novel. She ran away home from home at age 17 from Chicago to a cabin in Northern Minnesota. Only runaway isn’t the right word – I think she ran to a better life for herself and her music. She is very driven, yet patient, as a musician who starting at age 8 singing at the Christmas Even service to preparing for her 14th tour of Europe this summer. Inspirational. It was great to have her play in the studio for us.

And of course we played a little Minnesota music as well.

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