Mostly MN Music with Ellis Delaney and NUR-D

The WMCN studio has never been more positive than it was this morning with Ellis Delaney and NUR-D. Ellis joined us first with her daughter Ruby. Ellis is a song writer; her latest CD, Ordinary Love, is releasing in May. It a CD that celebrates the ordinary joy in a tumultuous time. Love extends beyond romantic love to love of family, friends and community. Ellis is about as kind as I’ve ever met and it really comes through in her music. It’s a perfect time for an album like Ordinary Love.

NUR-D joined us next – his goal is to be your seventh favorite rapper. He is bubbly and chatty and oozes positivity. He talked about a happening he’s working on that combines theater, music and gaming based on Dungeons and Dragons, but not the D&D of my youth. Here they create accepting and diverse characters and it sounds like this will be an opportunity mirror social constructs in a game that opens the door to charter development and insights to equity. I’m not such a gamer but I might have to attend that event – and then sneak NUR-D into my day job!


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