Keeping Leap Year Leaping with The Von Tramps, Lunch Duchess and Mark Mallman

We all had an extra day last month to reflect, assess and re-vision our futures. Or you could have done what I did and dance up a storm with three bands who know how to put on a show – The Von Tramps, Lunch Duchess and Mark Mallman.

The night started with The Von Tramps, a ska punk, female-forward band that will get you off your feet. Lead singer Jenna Enemy moves from a punk anthem shout to nailing Dolly Parton high notes and back again. The band takes familiar songs and sounds and makes them new again. They are about to head out on a SXSW inspired tour but you can catch them before they go this weekend: Friday at the Kitty Cat Klub and Saturday between bouts at the Roller Girls in St Paul. Wear your dance shoes!

Next up, Lunch Duchess a traditional Baroque grunge band from Minneapolis. I got that genre some from them and I just love it. They are quirky in sound and lyrics but with a ton of empowering enthusiasm that undergirds the feminist feel to their music. Yes, lead singer Katharine Seggerman , may be wearing a leotard that reminds me of Laugh In, but she owns it and makes it strong and who doesn’t love a song about Crying for Fun? You can catch Lunch Duchess on April 23 with another favorite of mine, Gramma’s Boyfriend.

Batting cleanup was Mark Mallman, Minneapolis showman extraordinaire. He brings the grandeur and production of a Broadway show with acrobatics of Jerry Lee Lewis on the piano. It’s part techno, part old school rock almost rockabilly but it’s absolutely dance worthy. And while Lunch Duchess brings the quick, Mark Mallman brings the full our eccentricity, in the best way. It’s the kind of artistic flare that is only possible once you’ve livestreamed 180 hours of time on the road from concert to concert. It is rock bent performance art. Perfect way to celebrate an extra day!

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