Thank you Walker Art Center for Outside Art!!

Day 6 of the Coronavirus Distancing. I very much missed hosting the radio show this morning. But chin up, so I’m thankful for the art around us. Today I am thankful for the Walker Art Center’s Sculpture Garden and their prescience in displaying art in and out of their four walls. The art galleries in town have been closed for almost a week, and while most of the US is bemoaning the cessation of live (televised) sports, I miss the art museums.

I have enjoyed the gardens for years. It was a perfect place to take three little girls back in the day and today it fell under coronavirus guidelines. So Walker, thanks for meeting me where I am!

I remember the old garden, which was more hidden and sometimes I miss that but I do enjoy the views of downtown and of course the Blue Cock.

Today, I took my walk around the garden just as the bells of the Basilica of St Mary’s started to ring. It gives the garden a very European feel. It was grey out, which means I want to change European to Irish. It was chilly but not too cold and not windy. It wasn’t desolate but the crowds were “social distancing” appropriate.

Mostly it was a distraction for an hour. It was a chance to interact with something if not someone!

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