Welcome back Solo Disco my new defense for the quarantine!

I’m bringing back the solo disco! When my girls were little and I stayed home a lot more, I used to put on my headphones and solo disco once they went to bed. I listened to music way beyond suggested volume and danced. And it always put me in a good mood.

We’re a month into a quarantine. Media is saying it may be more than 18 months before we see concerts again. It snowed for the fourth time in April today. So I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to remember the solo disco but I just spent the last 3 hours dancing in Aine’s room with the disco lights going.

It is the first time I have danced or even really listened to music in a month. I missed both – so much. More than I realized. And as a bonus – three hours of dancing equals 9 miles of walking on my phone. So there’s that!

It’s my new nighttime plan. Tonight I listened to mostly Minnesota music (couldn’t pass up TV Party by Black Flag); here are a few Minnesota songs with themes that I thought were especially suited to quarantine listening:

  • Happy Boring Life by The Shackletons
  • Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down by Charlie Parr
  • Crying for Fun by Lunch Duchess
  • New Day Rising by Husker Du
  • Jailbreak by Slave Raider
  • The Big Window by Porcupine
  • Fortunate Son by Communist Son

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