BENEFIT EVENT May 9: Going Live with Love: Songs of Support for Jessa Roquet

While most of us wonder how we’re going to combat the boredom or financial pinch of coronavirus, Jessa Roquet (aka Gambler’s Daughter) is fighting stage 4 liver cancer and the bills that accompany it. We had an opportunity to talk to Jessa and three of her friends Priscilla Priebe, Priscilla Conway and Andriana Lehr about her health and an upcoming online benefit to help her. (May 9, 11am to 6pm!)

Jessa put out a new album (Serotinous Skin) on February 8. Seven years in the making, it was the celebration of a woman who had come through a difficult three-year transition from a toxic relationship with her art, three daughters and sense of self. We had an opportunity to talk with her on the radio show a week after the album debut. She was joyous with the gravity of a survivor.

One month later, on March 12, just as Minnesota was starting to close down due to pandemic, Jessa was diagnosed with cancer. She has been undergoing a series of treatments since them and pushing her insurance to the limit. And she has been doing it at a time when those of us who would love to give her a hug, can’t. Social distancing leaves some of us in a darker place than other.

Luckily, Jessa’s friends have found another way to reach out. Priscilla, Priscilla, Andriana and Annie Mack planned an online concert with 28 performers. So many moving pieces; so much love. Listen to the full story below.

Pictured above left to right: top: Andriana Lehr, Ann Treacy, Priscilla Conway and bottom:
Priscilla Priebe,  Heather Baker and  Jessa Roquet

Info you need on May 9
Platform: Facebook Live via Group “Going Live with Love: Songs of Support for Jessa Roquet

Date: 5/9/2020

Time: 11am-6pm

Donation Link:

Caring Bridge Link:

Venmo handle: Jessa-Roquet

Here is the lineup for the day:

  • Sarah Morris*    11:00 AM
  • Stacy K  11:15 AM
  • Savannah Smith 11:30 AM
  • Tim Cheesebrow              11:45 PM
  • Tina Schlieske*  12:00 PM
  • Annie Fitzgerald               12:15 PM
  • Joyann Parker    12:30 PM
  • Ben Cook-Feltz  12:45 PM
  • Annie Mack*      1:00 PM
  • Amanda Grace   1:15 PM
  • Vicky Emerson   1:30 PM
  • Mother Banjo    1:45 PM
  • Adam Levy*        2:00 PM
  • Breanne Marie   2:15 PM
  • Faith Boblett      2:30 PM
  • Kashimana          2:45 PM
  • Katy Vernon*     3:00 PM
  • Andriana Lehr    3:15 PM
  • Jillian Rae            3:30 PM
  • Amanda Standalone        3:45 PM
  • Michael Ferrier (of Fathom Lane)*            4:00 PM
  • Moss Kwa           4:15 PM
  • Karen Folman     4:30 PM
  • Cabin of Love     4:45 PM
  • Mary Bue*          5:00 PM
  • Taylor James Donskey     5:15 PM
  • M French 5:30 PM
  • Gambler’s Daughter        5:45 PM

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