Talking about the weirdly prescient aquadungeonafterdark with Austin Carson (YYY)

Talking with Austin Carson about his project YYY, we learned about a new genre – experimental pop. The instruments are synthy, techie and complex. The vocals are poppier. The lyrics are darkly funny and oddly ironic in the time of pandemic. Like for example with Keep off the Lawn, a song about staying in the basement – off the latest album aquadungeonafterdark Slated for national release on June 19, 2020. Austin explains that his music is like eating a well-balanced meal with thought-provoking vegetables served with a side of dancing dessert.

You can find YYY online, keep up with news on Facebook  check out some of the emerging sounds on Instagram, see them on PBS’s Postcards program. Look out for the new album on June 19, 2020. And in the meantime, enjoy our conversation:

And a sneak peek at the work:

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