New MN Music Video: Too Young to Die by Buffalo Fuzz

Buffalo Fuzz’s second album will be out June 5, 2020 and I’m pleased to share a video from the upcoming release, Too Young to Die

Originally Buffalo Fuzz was a duo of Jared Zachary and Jake Allan. The album was recorded in 2018 at Pearl Recording Studio. Unfortunately, a month after recording the album, drummer Jake Allan died at the age of 24. It’s a heartbreaking story.

The theme of the song. The start with the lone drum kit in the video. It’s all heartbreaking. But the song, the song is an anthem – that has unfortunately found the right time to hit the world. It’s rocking in the spirit of heavy metal duet. The ending is poignant.

The story of the making of the album is more uplifting. Over the last two years, Buffalo Fuzz has morphed into Buffalo Fuzz Collective. It’s a different, softer band but an extension of the original. Jared has been working on music, post production for this album and building a family. Another time I could savor the passion of the song but today I need Jared’s story of hope outside the song for balance.

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