Little Man interview and music videos at the Car Wash!

One of my new personal heroes of the pandemic is Chris Perricelli of Little Man for joining us for an onsite interview and to play some live music at Midway Express Car Wash in St Paul. Chris is more than a good sport, I think he enjoyed messing around as we made the car wash our studio. And I am so thankful to have heard live music!!!

Kudos to someone who will walk the tunnel playing a guitar and not miss a beat. Especially since I wasn’t really sure that water wouldn’t turn on mid-song; you can hear that it does start about halfway through the song!

We took some time to talk about our new world. We’re all keeping busy but we agreed that we miss the energy of live music – both from the performer and audience perspective. We miss the creativity although Chris is funding new ways to find it hosting livestreams with full costume changes.

We snuck in a few more songs while we were there. We just caught the chance to see the sunset and a train passing in the distance as Chris played. You can see it all below and be such to check out the Little Man website, check out the latest album (Between the Lions), keep up with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And thanks to Midway Express Car Wash for having us!

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