Ian Prince talks about Bird Hands, Story and the Sea and Time at Home on Mostly Mn Music

We were delighted to talk to Ian Prince tonight about how his quarantine is going. Ian is the drummer for Porcupine and was on the radio show with Casey Virock last year. So it was fun to revisit. Turns out the last time we saw him, which was at the Big Turn Festival, was the last time he played a live show. Sad for us and him.

Good news though – Ian has been at home but working with Allen Epley on a new project called Bird Hands. Allen is a guitar player in Chicago. He and Ian have been working remotely on music for the past few months – starting before the pandemic. So he actually has a jump on remote music making and it was fun to hear from someone who is stretching himself in new directions and about the experience of working remotely. They are hoping to have music to share in September.

We talked about a few music projects that may see the light soon. Ian also talked about a band he was in with his brother in 1996 that recorded an album but never finished it and then there’s an EP with Story of the Sea that they recorded right before they broke up that also is in process. So lots of works in process. And then there’s plenty of time to create new, although as Ian mentions time seems to slip away while we home doing home things.

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