Do you see us? Do you hear us? Do you feel us? Posters to share to support George Floyd

We are all saddened by the needless death of George Floyd. We are angered by the fact that this is not the first person of color to die at the hands of a police officer. We have an opportunity to keep the pressure on to effect change. We are making a difference – arrests are bring made, investigations are starting, rules are changing.

I volunteer for Women’s March Minnesota (WMM). Today, for the WMM, I was able to help distribute and hang posters by artist Leon Wang. The purpose is to keep George in our minds. To keep up the pressure – because without it, things may not change or they may change too slowly to save future lives. I have a number of posters and Leon’s only request is that we find public places to display them.

It occurred to me that maybe musicians and performers who are doing online concerts and performances might be interested in using the posters as a backdrop. It would be a nice way to help keep George, to keep the need for change in plain sight – online for posterity. If you are interested – please contact me and I will get posters to you.

I am also happy to share posters if you have a public place to display them. Just let me know.

They are provocative without being political. I think they are good conversation starters. Conversation keeps up the pressure and helps educate people about what’s happening in Minneapolis, what has been happening in Minneapolis and what needs to happen in Minneapolis and beyond.

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