Celebrate the women (and others) who are speaking out by continuing the conversation!

Today is my birthday. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. George Floyd was murdered a month ago. Tomorrow would be the birthday of one of my best friends – Stacy Voerding, except she died when we were 27. Sadly, her son died suddenly last weekend. This week Minnesota musicians have been calling out predatory men musicians in Minnesota on Twitter and other social media. I know some of the people involved. I am sorry for the victims; I applaud their bravery. I thank them for making the world better for my daughters – and everyone’s kids.

I want to say something. I want to take time to sort things out.

I am going to walk a marathon today in part to take back my birthday from someone who was unkind to me two years ago. (We have a route – you can join if you want – also Liz Draper will play at Stone Arch Bridge and Little Man at the last stop car wash!) But that unkindness pushed me to do new things like start a radio show with Heather Baker. And because of it I was able to talk to women about the music industry:

There are a few interviews I would add to that list – top of the list Holly Hansen, where my buddy Debbie Donovan joined us in the studio. (The door is always open to more conversion if folks are interested – although this deserves big media attention!!) I will think about these as I walk – and I’m sure we’ll talk abtou them. I will be joined by awesome women like Monica Nilsson and my sister Katie Lynch, who each signed up for the whole march! Also want to note there will be awesome men too, starting with my dad who is joining us for the first couple miles.

Like the unkindness I experienced two years ago, I hope events that are defining 2020 can make us better. Get us to step outside our comfort zones, have hard conversations and change. I may have more to say later but today – let’s everyone have a hard conversation. Or, as I’ve been asking on social media consider one free (or nearly free) action:


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