Turn, Turn, Turn on doing music at a tumultuous time on Mostly MN Music

It’s a tough time to be a musician. Live shows were cut off for months due to COVID and while they are coming back, it’s slow and uncertain. But, it’s a good time to a tough musician and tonight we spoke with three tough artists in Turn, Turn, Turn: Barb Brynstad, Adam Levey and Savannah Smith.

We talked about releasing their first album (Can’t Go Back) as a band together on June 26 after postponements and contingencies. But those delays gave them time to prepare a strategy that includes videos, digital marketing and ways to reach people in new ways, such as their up coming show that will be livestreaming from the Parkway on July 18.

They have had limited occasions to play together since COVID but they have stayed connected. We heard the harrowing story behind the making of their last video. (You’ll have to listen to hear more!)  And we talked a but about all that is happening socially subsequent to the murder of George Floyd, which provides fodder for art but not necessarily the opportunity. There’s a definite 1960s-1970s feel to their music, which makes sense as they started with vintage covers. There’s also a heart in every song. Can’t Go Back, while written two years ago, plays like the perfect soundtrack for the era and I think their bravery in releasing in this tumultuous time, maybe help that happen in the Twin Cities and beyond.

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