Nur-D talks about intersectionality, reckoning and redemption in 2020 on Mostly MN Music

Nur-D (aka Matt Allen) is someone that gives you hope, someone you know is changing lives, someone who makes you want to be better – all while looking and sounding so good.  He impressed me in February when we first had him on the show – pre-COVID. And he certainly did not disappoint tonight.

There was no small talk, no need, we dove right into the guts of 2020 in the Twin Cities. We talked about the pandemic and how he hosted online concerts to raise money for musicians to the tune of $4,000. And that was his plan for the duration – until George Floyd was killed by the police.

So interesting to hear about his harrowing firsthand account of those first nights on Lake Street in the riots near the Third Precinct. He showed up to drop off supplies and found himself manning the medic booth and patching people up. What is lacks in medical training I think he surpasses in positivity and natural leadership. He stayed because he realized that no one else was coming.

He started the Justice Frontline Aid Crew (also on Facebook) and they have been helping folks on the frontlines of the protest and on the frontlines of the communities hardest hit. (You can make donations through PayPal at They have a physical space at Modist Brewing for other donations.

Then we move onto the reckoning (Matt’s apt term) happening in the music industry as some powerful people have been called out for predatory activities. Without naming names, it was a frank discussion of what is happening and what led to it – mostly victims watching predators call out for racial equity while ignoring their own gender-based discrimination even violence. Very frank – and some astute observations.

It sounds like a dour conversation. It wasn’t. In fact I might bookmark this for my COVId dark day when I need a pick me up.

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