Leslie Vincent brings jazz standards to a new era and live stage on Aug 10!

Leslie Vincent has a timeless appeal in her demeanor and music. Her debut album of jazz standards, Foolish Things, comes out on Aug 10 with an actual live, in-person performance at Crooners. They are doing drive-in shows. I was glad to get the inside scoop on these events from Leslie. Sounds like these are less like drive-in movies and more like catered tailgate parties – minus sloppy intruders. You can stay in your cars, if you choose. Or you can sit at one of the tables up front, socially distanced from each other or bring lawn chairs from home and camp out by your car. They have a kitchen and bar available. And word on the street (Leslie) is the burgers are pretty darned good and draft beer even better.

Leslie is a delight. She is exactly what I wanted to grow up to be as a kid. For the younger crowd, she has a Mrs Maisel appeal – but really she’s what I remember of Marlo Thomas’ That Girl – effervescent, likable, someone who would be fun for shopping or deeper conversation.

Today our conversation took a few turns. We talked about crossroads, like her connecting with George Maurer at the right time and circumstance for her to learn and him to teach and the crossroads of 2020 and all that encapsulates. We talked about the kind of music that is being conceived now and that led to a look back at the buried history of many of the jazz standards from the album. You’ll have to listen to interview to learn about what happened when Leslie heard back from a jazz great about her interpretation of a standard, which it turns out had reincarnated and in some ways spliced into two jazz greats.

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