Ani Rae on trusting yourself and your friends on Mostly MN Music

Anika Jones and Maggie Rae O’Donnell are “just two girls who love to make music” according to the Ani Rae Facebook page. I’d say they’re two girls who sound great together and have the natural talent and drive to spend the rest of their lives making music that people enjoy.

They make music look so easy but they are hard workers too. They’re both in the music business program at the University of St Thomas. They went to high school together but just started playing together in the last year or so. Up until then, one was in band and the other choir. It was the choir teacher who got them together and they were quick to give Mr. Lally a shout out.

They are both delightful. Hearing their stories and their drive is inspirational. We asked if given their strong and early focus on music if they had a lesson they could share. Without a blink they both said – trust yourself. Wise for their years and buoyed by the support of a really good friend in each other and it seems like family and friends, this may be the first time you see them but it won’t be the last. (Especially if you check them out at Travail Kitchen Wednesday nights through October.)

(I’m pleased to share their video, I’m on Fire, with their permission.)

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