Ryan Rud and Ted Hajnasiewicz on Quarantine Dream for Jessa Roquet

Quarantine Dream is a super-album featuring about 20 Minnesota musicians and lots of other support behind the scenes. All told, Ted Hajnasiewicz and Ryan Rud (of Frequency Collisions) say 45 people were involved. It is an album to support Jessa Roquet from Gambler’s Daughter. We spoke to Jessa earlier this year; she is a lovely and uplifting person. Unfortunately soon after we spoke and just about the time that COVID19 hit Minnesota, Jessa was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. She is a tough cookie with a growing pile of medical bills.

Quarantine Dream will be released August 7; you can pre-order!

Like a onion of goodness this album is layered with positivity! It started with a Facebook post from Ryan asking if there was anyone who wanted to collaborate during the pandemic. Ted answered the call. They got working and thinking, others joined and they heard about Jessa’s predicament and it seemed like a natural fit to try to work together to support her.  The group grew via Facebook group. New collaborations were formed. Like a Craigslist want ad, people posted looking for a drummer or offering vocals and matches were made and now those connections are solid. It’s a COVID-inspired tool that will carry on to the future.

Ryan and Ted said it was easy. I think it was probably a ton of work but a labor of love for everyone involved – a love for Jessa and a growing love for new friendships and collaborations. It includes all original music, which provides an intersting snapshot at what local musicians are doing, thinking, singing during the pandemic and it sounds great. It’s Minnesota music at its very best!

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