Unendings on Mostly MN Music – textural soulful music

Last night we spoke with Nick of Unendings. Music has always been a part of his life. He grew up singing with the Metropolitan Boys Choir. He got a scholarship to study voice. But more recently, he has kept his music a secret for many years. He played while taking care of his mom until she passed away four years ago – but only for her. It sounds like his love of music is at odds with wariness of the public light.

But things are changing. And here’s a moment for the rare COVID silver light. Unendings has released a full album of live material recorded “Live from the Attic” in May 2020. (Video posted below.) And now that he’s voice has been heard he’s ready to continue walking to the musical light – to share his music with others and to find others for collaboration.

Nick is an interesting guy. He’s very thoughtful, which comes out in his music. He’s very observant of the world around him. He talked about age possibly being a function of letting go of his stage apprehension. He’s learned to not compartmentalize who he is, not to care too much about what other people think. He’s embarking on an exciting journey of sharing his work with the world and opening the door to working with others and I suspect that his music will expand exponentially as that happens. Leading to this recent release he has been looking inwards – literally.

Different Kind of Blue is a newer song that was inspired and based on an old tape that he mother had from her nursing days of heartbeats. It included a ride range of heartbeats and Nick used them to build a touching song. His music is part ambient, part pop. Unending is still water in deep pond – and ready to become a river!

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