Quarantine Dream: Catching up with Jess Roquet, Adam Levy, Ryan Rud and Ted Hajnasiewicz

Heather and I are big fans of Quarantine Dream. It is an album of Minnesota musicians recording songs during the COVID19 quarantine to support fellow musician, Jessa Roquet (Gambler’s Daughter), who was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer about the same the time the quarantine began. (You can – and should- order your copy today!)

We talked to Ted Hajnasiewicz and Ryan Rud of Frequency Collisions about the origin. Then we spoke to Shawn Stelton and Daryl Yankee about their contribution Don’t You Know. Tonight we spoke with Jessa and Adam Levy about their collaboration; Ted and Ryan joined us because they have not yet met Jessa. And that’s what I love most about this project. It exemplifies the unconditional support that Minnesota musicians have for each other. Pre-COVID, we saw it when artists showed up for each other’s shows; Quarantine Dream takes it to a new level.

Jessa is in Mexico undergoing treatment for the next three weeks so we were delighted that she could join us. She looks look and strong. And as she noted – she did the Zoom cleanup we all do; when we have to.

Adam and Jessa have a song called Cadiz on the album. Inspired by a trip that Adam took to Spain. It sounds like Spain and it’s a great call out to the history of Spain. It’s a project that they worked on before the album and therefore a perfect fit for the project.

Mostly we talked about a positivity of the project. A positivity that we all need right now. Oh – and there may have been a mention of bonus tracks for those who buy the album!!

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