QUARANTINE DREAM: a view from Tim Cheesebrow, Pat Egan and Maygen Lacey

This is the fourth installment of our Quarantine Dream series. (Quarantine Dream is an album of Minnesota musicians recording songs during the COVID19 quarantine to support fellow musician, Jessa Roquet (Gambler’s Daughter), who was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer about the same the time the quarantine began. (You can – and should- order your copy today!)

Tonight we spoke with Tim Cheesebrow, Pat Egan and Maygen Lacey.


Here are the songs featuring each:

  • You’ll See | Tim Cheesebrow
  • I Will Be Your Anchor | Pat Egan
  • I’ll Give You the Moon | Maygen Lacey

What we hear repeatedly from the musicians on this CD is that it’s one big love fest. Everyone played with everyone. They shared songs, shouted out when they need something (like a piano player) and someone shouted back with a helping hand. People collaborated with folks they had never met – in fact with people they still haven’t met in person. I think this project has created or at least strengthened the Minnesota music community network in a way that I suspect will carry on well beyond the quarantine.

We got to hear a bit about each song. They share a sense of waiting and anticipation although one really speaks to Jessa’s situation, one speaks to the pandemic and one predates both and stems from a sculpture from a local Minnesota artist (Amarama). You can learn more about which songs fits which description by watching the interview!

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