Frogtown Community Mural hosts pop up community art through Aug 20 – but needs funding

This evening Monica Nilsson and I stopped by Frogtown Community Mural’s Community Mural Pop-Up on Lafond and Dale. It is the site of a mural painted by the community in 2015. They have brought back the original artist (Doon Mars) to create community and art again by inviting people to help spruce up the mural, which is showing signs of age, through nightly mural pop up parties from August 10 to 20 (5-9pm).

We were a little early unfortunately but that gave us a chance to talk to the artist. We found out that she has spent her stimulus check on these parties, including the scaffolding she needs to touch up anything she can’t reach without it. Unfortunately, the scaffolding is only rented through Monday but because of the torrential rain we’ve had this last week she needs it longer. (There’s a GoFundMe for it! I challenge folks who can afford it to consider donating some of their stimulus check to such an inspired example of homegrown community pride.)

Each night the community is invited to enjoy hot food (for sale), mural painting, live performances, information/donation stations and an outdoor film. They are having a Women-themed day on Wednesday with different groups at the info station. I’m planning to come back for that for sure!


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