Leslie Rich on his upcoming CD Butcher Boy on Mostly MN Music

Leslie Rich and the Rocket Soul Choir are working on their second album, Butcher Boy. They will be doing a livestream to support the album September 3, 2020.

The band is working the new album as we watch and there’s an opportunity to support the effort through Kickstarter. We spoke about some of the unusual (yet tasty!) rewards for folks who pledge. They make it very fun; one reward open to all of us, you can see live clips of songs from the upcoming album on YouTube.

We talked about the varied themes running through new songs. How life as a butcher’s son can turn into a slightly gruesome song about unrequited love and more seriously how a bout of depression can find you, Cozy on the Bathroom Floor. I applaud artists who can write personally about depression. As he said, Leslie’s depression was his own experience – not everyone’s. But I’m sure there will be at least one listener to relates to Leslie’s depression in a way that is helpful.

Leslie is from Belfast, as the accent might hint. We talked about how his background influenced his experience of the protests and riots of 2020 in Minneapolis. It’s nothing new but it’s different. Leslie was very positive about getting through COVID and civil unrest by loving the people around us. It’s a helpful recipe, from a former chef. But it sounds like he’s not always so positive. Leslie allowed that he has written a number of songs in the last two months that are inspired by current events – and he allow that they might lean dark.

So now we have two albums to keep us going – first thigs first – you can support the album and find out more about upcoming event like the September 3 livestream on the Leslie Rich and the Rocket Soul Choir Website.

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