Delmonaco on Mostly MN Music – a surprise album and long distance longboard event

Last night, we had a great conversation with Ryan Delmonico, aka DelMonaco. Ryan put out his debut album, The Great Unknown, in June 2020.

Ryan went to school to become a sound engineer and had been in a few bands but his family was surprised when he came out with the album because he was somehow able to keep it a secret from almost everyone for a year while he worked on it. They were surprised he could sing! He started in 2018 putting a demo together. He shared it with Chris Furst at Studio 65, who astutely saw something in it and they set out to create an even better version together, including guest appearance from Adam Levy.

But Ryan isn’t all music, he also told us about another project – Push for Awareness. It’s an annual long distance longboard ride (think Duluth to Twin Cities) to raise funds and awareness of suicide prevention and mental health. They are doing the event virtually this year with plays to go real world again next year. It’s a labor of love to honor a high school friend who lost his battle with depression and took his own life. It’s just a unique and fitting tribute. The event started with three skater and they’re up to 40-50.

It’s fun to talk to someone who has so many things going on.

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