New MN Music Video: Dragonfly by Mayda

There seems to be a movement to the old storytelling music videos. I love it. Mayda has a new video out for Dragonfly, off her MRDR PXP CD. It features Mayda, Colleen Kruse and Gina Watkins.

We had Mayda on the radio show in March 2019, I remember her saying that music is a language that everyone understands – even babies. Its’ true. They understand the emotion even if the nuance of words is lost.

I feel the same way about this video. I sure do get some feelings; they draw me in and then the ambiguity gets me watching it again and again.

The video starts with a clip of stand up from Colleen Kruse and a joke that is both funny and sad in equal measure although the sadness is more of a slow release. Then into the music and interaction with Mayda where it’s difficult to tell who is vulnerable, who is alpha and for how long.

Is Mayda a predator or the alter ego Collen needs to get her “dragging me so high”? It’s a dance that compelling and it’s a unexpected yet welcome take on the song. It’s powerful like a short story with a twist ending.

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