New MN Music Video: Escape Pod by Briefcase

The award for surprisingly odd, mellow and catchy video of the week goes to Briefcase for Escape Pod. There’s something very endearing in the video and very cool in the music.

Briefcase is a trio of Brian Marx, Jeff Stender and Meleck Davis. They admit to having very divergent music tastes but it works. The music sounds alternative with a muted undercurrent of jazz with the cymbals and drums. The tune reminds me of something I can’t quit remember but somehow lounge-like. But watching the video, I feel like a little kid watching quirky the science-esque shows or kid-focused shows like Zoom – in the 1970s. The music isn’t Zoom, it’s more grownup than that, but the video is.

The song pre-dates COVID but it speaks to a world that’s topsy-turvy. When you brush your teeth with a Tootsie Pop and eat rubbish for breakfast. It’s reads like a warning to viewers of the steps we are taking to a dystopian future with our climate-sensitive (or insensitive as the case may be) decision. The message isn’t preachy; unfortunately it just feel prescient.

Fun fact, that makes me love the song even more, they record in a solar-powered, DIY studio in St Paul.

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